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Delivering an Oversize Load Safely and Properly

Delivering an Oversize Load Safely and Properly
You have an oversized load that needs to be delivered safely and properly.

Signaling and Signage are very important. Make sure that the extremities (front, back, and sides) of the load are clearly marked. It is important to be prepared for when you will be hauling. During the day your load can be marked with flags and/or signs. At night you will need to have flashing lights. You will also need an “Oversize Load” sign in the front and back of your vehicle at all times.

Depending on the size you will also need to have Escort Vehicles (sometimes called Pilot Cars). If you're hauling in the state of PA, any load exceeding 13 feet at the widest point requires an escort. In NY state, any load over 12 ft requires an escort. The escort vehicle will travel in front of and/or behind the oversized load to make sure that other drivers are warned of the Oversized Vehicle. They are also used to help warn the driver of the oversized vehicles of any obstacles in the road.

Delivering an Oversized Load is no walk in the park. But if you follow the guidelines and plan your trip accordingly you should have no issues. Take the time to check local and state regulations regarding oversized loads before heading out, to make sure there aren’t any other special considerations to keep in mind.

Pine Hill Trailers can provide you with everything you need to make your trip a success - stop in today to get what you need to ensure your load gets delivered safely and on time.